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Cascades Trail Review

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John O’Connell December 10th, 2021
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Cascades Trail Review

I love riding the Cascades Trail, and my favourite section keeps changing as there’s so much to it. But, possibly my favourite at the moment would be the Snowy Hill decent, as it sweeps down the hill towards Arnolds you get little glimpses through the bush over the dividing range looking out towards Melbourne, which looks unreal on an evening ride after work! The trail then gets Oh sfaster and faster encouraging you to go harder into corners giving you so much confidence, and no matter what, I always get to the bottom at Arnolds gap with the biggest smile on my face!

The trails at lake mountain are great as they are always a challenge, trying to go smoother and faster on them in can be really difficult as each decent is over 5 minutes long! Your hands, arms and legs will always be aching by the end – especially on the first Sunds Road crossing from the lunchroom.

There are always people shaking out their arms trying to get the lactic acid out and get rid of the arm pump, with it being one of the most continually steep descents in Australia!

This trail being the challenge that it is, I’m lucky to be able to ride it so often. It has helped me so much as a rider technically and increased my fitness levels as well.

The Mountain bike trails at lake mountain are great as they can be ridden by all abilities, with green loops at the top of the mountain to the cascades trail into Marysville. Each track pushes you in different ways and I personally think that the Cascades Trail is one of the most underrated trails in Victoria.

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