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When is the best time to visit? select-arrow

This is always a tricky question as every snow season is different from the last; there is no certain way to know weeks or months in advance what the conditions will be like. When planning your visit, make sure you check the snow reports, weather forecast and Nordic Pulse regularly.  

Nordic Pulse is an app based cross country ski trail grooming report system, bringing trail condition reports to you online. Each day there are reports published, if the trail has been groomed there is snow.  

Click the links below to see what the weather is like at Lake Mountain. 

View live cameras here View Nordic Pulse  

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort | Where is the lake? select-arrow

Funnily enough, there is no Lake at Lake Mountain! The mountain was named after the surveyor George Lake.

Unfortunate for those planning on bringing their boat!

Where is the closest place to stay? select-arrow

Marysville is the closest town to Lake Mountain. Located just a short thirty-minute drive from the top of the mountain, this beautiful little town offers a wide array of accommodation, with options suitable for all situations. 

If you’re after accommodation in Marysville, give Marysville Visitor Information and Regional Arts a call on (03) 5963 4567. 


What should I wear to Lake Mountain? select-arrow

A good base layer (such as thermals) is key to keeping warm in the snow. If you don’t have thermals, don’t stress! Just make sure to layer up with warm and comfy clothing. The weather conditions are constantly changing up on the mountain, layering your clothes means it’s easy to add or remove clothing as needed. For even more protection, it’s wise to pack a waterproof layer just in case. 

For more information about what to wear at the snow, read our article on clothing essentials for your first trip to the snow. 

Tip: Avoid dressing kids in gumboots/wellingtons as they do not have any insulation; kids feet will freeze after a short amount of time in the snow. 

If you want to hire clothes, click here to view the rental price list

Can I bring my dog to Lake Mountain? select-arrow

No, pets of any kind are not permitted at the resort as we are a protected Alpine Environment.

What is Lake Mountain opening and closing times in winter? select-arrow

Resort entry gate: Opens at 8am- Shuts at 4.30pm
Rental department: 8am-4pm (Rentals must be returned between by 3.30pm) 
Retail shop: 8am-4pm  
Bistro & Cafe: 8am-4pm 
Toboggan runs: 8am-4pm  

Do you have drinking water on the mountain? select-arrow

Unfortunately, we do not have access to drinking water on the mountain. However, you can purchase water at our Cafe or Bistro. If you prefer, we recommend that visitors bring their own bottled water. Additionally, there are stores in Marysville where you can buy water before heading up the mountain. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Travel and entry

What time should I arrive? select-arrow

Declared snow season (June 8th to October 6th 2024)

The Lake Mountain Resort entry gate opens at 8am and closes at 4.30pm.

All resort facilities & services are available from 8am to 4pm, with all guests leaving the resort before the gate closes at 4.30pm.

We suggest you arrive before 11am to make the most of your resort entry ticket and have a full day in the snow. Please note there may be wait times when entering through the entry ticket office, with a 10-20 minute drive to reach the main resort carpark.

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is subject to closure once the car parks have reached full capacity. This generally occurs over the weekends during the Victorian School Holiday period. To avoid disappointment during these high demand days, we recommend pre-purchasing your resort entry ticket online a few days prior as there will be no tickets available to purchase on the day if the carparks have been filled. Once filled, entry will be based on a 1 in 1 out system which can involve an extended wait time of several hours.

Outside of the declared snow season, the resort remains open to the public 24/7, with no entry fees required. 

Will I need wheel chains if I am planning to drive to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort? select-arrow

On occasions, due to heavy snow fall, it is necessary to carry and fit snow chains for all 2WD vehicles. 4WD and AWD vehicles do not require chains, however you must know how to engage this setting when required. Please check your vehicle’s requirements before heading to the snow. If it is a declared chain day, you must hire chains before driving up the mountain to Lake Mountain. 

Car tyre size is needed for this process. Please head to either Lake Mountain Ski Hire, Mystic Mountain, Cross Country Ski Hire or Marysville Ski Centre to hire chains. No chains are available for hire at the resort. 

To be informed if chains are required, before you leave in the morning check our website homepage for any alerts or our Instagram and Facebook. There are also traffic advisory signs when entering Marysville to look out for. Alpine conditions can change quickly and if necessary, chain days may be called on the day. 

If hiring a vehicle, it is best to check the term’s & condition’s of hire, around the fitting of wheel chains prior to traveling to the resort. 

How much do wheel chains cost to hire? And where can I get them from? select-arrow

Chains can be hired from any of the Ski Hires (Lake Mountain Ski Hire, Mystic Mountain, Cross Country Ski Hire or Marysville Ski Centre) before you begin the climb to Lake Mountain. The cost is approximately $30- $60* for the day and you will be shown how to fit the chains when hiring them.

Note: Car tyre size is needed for this process

* Subject to price change. 

For more information on chains, click here 

How much does it cost to enter the mountain during the snow season? (June – October) select-arrow

All visitors accessing the resort during the declared snow season must purchase a resort entry permit. The fees cover cost of resort operations, funding essential services such as Ski Patrol, Snow Clearing, Guest Services and much more. 

Resort entry prices for the 2024 winter season can be viewed here!

We recommend to pre-purchase your tickets online prior, to avoid disappointment, especially during the Victorian School Holiday periods. 


How long will it take to get to Lake Mountain from Melbourne? select-arrow

By car, we suggest allowing between 2 and 2.5 hours when travelling from Melbourne CBD.

Here’s a link to a few helpful maps and driving directions – View resort maps

Is there public transport to Lake Mountain from Melbourne? select-arrow

Public transport is fairly limited, as Lake Mountain is located past the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The only public transport option is to catch a train to Lilydale on the Lilydale Line, then catch the McKenzies Bus Service, which runs once or twice daily to Eildon.

You can view the bus timetable here.

Is there a shuttle bus from Marysville to Lake Mountain? select-arrow

There is no shuttle from Marysville to Lake Mountain in the winter season.


White season activities

Are there chairlifts at Lake Mountain? select-arrow

Lake Mountain is a Cross Country Ski Resort only, so there are no chairlifts.

Click here, to check current conditions  

What’s a toboggan? select-arrow

Pronounced TO-BOG-GAN,  a long light and narrow plastic-moulded sled (a vehicle that slides over snow) sometimes curved up in front, used for sliding down slopes. It’s a lot of fun! 

At Lake Mountain, we have our main village toboggan run and a couple other toboggan runs depending on snow conditions. For more information on tobogganing, you can read our tobogganing safety tips article here. 

Toboggans are available for hire from our rental department on resort, with prices for the 2024 season here!


I don’t have any snow gear, can I hire some? select-arrow

Yes, you can!  

Our on-mountain equipment and clothing hire outlet stocks a large range of sizes in both shell and insulated jackets and pants. As well as snow boots to keep your feet nice and dry. If wanting to XC-Ski we also have equipment available for those in our snow sports department. 

To see the rental price list, click here 

The only things you cannot hire are gloves, socks, goggles and beanies, due to hygiene regulations. 

Don’t stress though, we have a range of kids through to adults gloves and beanies for sale in our retail shop up on the mountain. With gloves starting from around $20, you’ll be set to tackle the wintery conditions. 

Toboggans & ski equipment are available to hire at the resort, with prices for the 2024 season here!


Will I be able to purchase food once I get there? select-arrow

During the snow season, our cafe & bistro will be open from 8am to 4pm daily, providing a range of snacks, hot food, coffee & other beverages.

What’s the difference between cross country skiing and downhill skiing? select-arrow

As there are no lifts at Lake Mountain, skiing here takes a little more effort as you need to propel yourself up and down the ski trails. 

Don’t worry though, the trails aren’t steep like regular downhill ski trails. There are over 30 kilometres of trails winding their way through trees covering Lake Mountain. If you’re new to Cross Country Skiing, at our Snow Sports area next to the rental department, you can book a ski lesson in on the day. Lessons run flexibly according to the demand.  

If wanting to hire gear on mountain for your lesson we encourage you to get your equipment one hour before. Equipment for your lesson includes a full day hire. 

For more information on XC-ski lesson prices, click here 

XC-Ski lessons are subject to weather and snow conditions. To check the current xc-ski conditions, click here 

If it’s your first time, you can read our cross country skiing tips for beginners here. 


Ticketed toboggan run access- What does this involve? select-arrow

Starting this season, there will be ticketed access to the Village toboggan run and Mini toboggan run.

The toboggan park access ticket will provide you with all day access to the Village toboggan and Mini toboggan runs, which includes the use of the magic carpet. These two toboggan runs will be maintained with man-made snow throughout the season if the natural snow is not the best.

Tickets are required for anyone wanting to participate in tobogganing, all children under the age of 5yrs are FREE when accompanied by a full paying adult. Each toboggan park access ticket is $20.00 pp, valid for one day. Tickets will be available to purchase on the day at the resort, there is no pre-purchase option online.

Some days, either of the Village or Mini toboggan runs may not be open or available due to weather, condition of the run, ski school lessons or lack of snow.

Guests with toboggans and a ticket will be allowed inside the fenced off toboggan runs. Spectators will not be allowed on the toboggan runs however, there are plenty of viewing areas along the runs where you can watch and capture the experience!

What if I don’t want to purchase a toboggan park access ticket? 

If you do not have a toboggan park access ticket, you will not be able to access the Village toboggan or Mini toboggan runs. You will still have access to Koala Creek toboggan run (if open based on natural snow), along with the rest of the resort and the designated snow play areas.

Can I snowboard at Lake Mountain? select-arrow

We are no longer offering snowboarding lessons for children for the 2024 snow season.

Snowboarding is not allowed at Lake Mountain as there are no dedicated areas for this activity. You are unable to use your personal snowboard on the toboggan runs, snow play areas or any other sloped areas.

What can I use for tobogganing? select-arrow

We only accept moulded plastic toboggans for tobogganing. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors. Other types of toboggans, including metal, wooden, or inflatable ones are not permitted on our toboggan slopes. Please ensure your toboggan meets these requirements before visiting. If you don’t have a moulded plastic toboggan, you can rent one from our equipment rental department. View the prices for the 2024 season here!

What to use for tobogganing at Lake Mountain Graphic

Will the Tube Run be open this season? select-arrow

The Tube Run at Lake Mountain is currently not in operation until further notice. This delay is due to essential maintenance being carried out to ensure the safety of all our guests. We are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore our other fantastic winter activities available.


Do I have to prebook anything? select-arrow

Resort entry tickets are only required during the declared snow season (June 8th to October 6th 2024). 

Resort Entry tickets can be purchased at the gate on the day or pre-purchased online via our website. 

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is subject to closure once the car parks have reached full capacity. This generally occurs over the weekends during the Victorian School Holiday period. To avoid disappointment during these high demand days, we recommend pre-purchasing your resort entry ticket online a few days prior as there will be no tickets available to purchase on the day if the carparks have been filled. Once filled, entry will be based on a 1 in 1 out system which can involve an extended wait time of several hours.

Can I book accommodation at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort? select-arrow

No. There is no on-mountain accommodation available at Lake Mountain, as the facility is for day visitors only in the declared winter season. The closest accommodation is located in Marysville, only 25- 30 minutes away. In winter, the resort gate is locked from 5 pm every night, so visitors have to make their way down the hill to Marysville by 4:30pm for lockout at 5pm. 


I’d like to bring a school group up, where do I start? select-arrow

For more information about pricing and packages available for midweek school excursions, click here.

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