The Lake Mountain Cafe & Retail is NOW OPEN! Weekend MTB shuttle bookings are available to transport you to the Cascades trail head. Wildflowers are in bloom!



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Pets at Lake Mountain

Please leave your fur babies at home.Whilst domestic animals like dogs and cats are treasured members of many families, Lake Mountain is based in the Yarra Ranges National Park meaning domestic animals are not permitted past the Lake Mountain entry gate.

In the alpine environment, they present significant risk to our native wildlife and ecosystems as well as there are possible baits and traps that have been distributed.

Exceptions are made for people who require an assistant animal. An assistance animal means an accredited animal specially trained to assist a person with a disability and has met the state standards for public access rights, as determined under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Equal Opportunity Act 2010. According to this, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort staff have the right to request the formal documentation that the animal is an accredited assistance animal. If documentation is not obtained, departure off the mountain will be enforced.

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