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Environment & Sustainability

Our Environment

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort (LMAR) is nestled in the Victorian sub-alpine environment. The surrounding Yarra Ranges National Park holds conservation and intrinsic value to Victorians’ environmental identity. Our landscape was devastated by the 2009 Wildfires and is in a state of recovery. We aim to foster connection of all Australians to the uniquely beautiful land we steward.

Our Sustainability

Operating in this landscape, there is a long history of environmental stewardship woven into the cultural identity of LMAR. Our community is bound to the landscape upon which year-round recreational and environmental values bring us together. We facilitate a thriving outdoor community and herald environmental conservation of the land upon which we operate. LMAR is a land steward which recognises the economic, cultural, social and economic sustainability we must foster in our governance.

Our Principles

LMAR is committed to the principles as directed by the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997.

· We aim to protect the special environmental, social, cultural and economic character of Lake Mountain.

· The resort plans and manages in a co-ordinated manner to adapt and respond to the impacts and risks of climate change.

· Considering the ongoing impacts of our presence in the ecological and cultural landscape of the Victorian sub-alpine environment.

· LMAR recognises the traditional owners of the land the resort occupies and seeks to protect and promote Aboriginal self-determination, cultural values, practice, heritage and knowledge.

· As stewards of the area, LMAR aims to sustainably protect and enhance the amenity, access, and use of the resort for the benefit and use visitors now and for future generations. · Through promoting ecofriendly recreational experiences, we aim to promote investment to ensure the economic and environmental sustainability of LMAR.

Our Goals

Our environment affords LMAR the privilege of facilitating quality visitor experiences. We recognise our position and principles also mandate the responsibility of wise management. This means deliberate consideration of the Sustainable Development Goals for guidance on our operation. To ensure the continued enjoyment of Lake Mountain for current and future generations, we aim to enhance and preserve the environmental and social values of our resort:

· Fauna and Flora
· Energy
· Weeds & Pests
· Water
· Education

We are committed to meeting legal and policy responsibilities in relation to the Lake Mountain environment and the community. These include requirements arising from planning, environmental protection, hygiene, workplace health and safety, and employment legislation.

Environmental Experience at Lake Mountain

LMAR facilitates connection to country through nature experiences. These are seasonal and allow visitors to learn about different ecological features of the sub-alpine.

Environment Packages for Schools

Book an educational package for your school group. Specially tailored to meet curriculums. Provide a versatile and inclusive experience for your students to learn about Lake Mountain.

School Excursions

Experiences in Nature

Mountain Bike

Ride and experience the sub-alpine to the Dry Sclerophyl forests during your descent from Lake Mountain Alpine Resort on the Cascade trail.

Flying Fox

Take a ride on the 240m flying fox for the unique opportunity to view the central highlands as you fly.

Cross Country Ski

Race along our ski trails to experience snow gum forests as a winter wonderland. A uniquely Australian environment and experience.

Mountain Biking
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