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Wheel Chains

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For in-depth information about safety on the mountain, visit Snow Safe
Wheel Chains Info

On occasion, due to heavy snowfall or predicted heavy snowfall, two-wheel drive vehicles will be required to carry wheel chains. Please check current road conditions, snow reports & forecasts before you leave.

Road signs in the township of Marysville will also indicate whether chains are required, in addition to the Lake Mountain website and social media channels.

Always remember to wear appropriate clothing to keep you warm and dry while you fit chains.

Wheel chains are available for hire in Marysville, Narbethong and the Black Spur.


(03) 5963 3455


(03) 5963 7029


(03) 5963 3444
0418 698 551


(03) 5963 3322

More information on wheel chains, how to fit them and driving in icy conditions.

Answers to all your questions about the wheel chains.

How much do wheel chains cost to hire? And where can I get them from? select-arrow

Chains can be hired from any of the Ski Hires in Marysville or Narbethong before you begin the climb to Lake Mountain, the cost is approximately $30 for the day, you will be shown how to fit the chains when hiring.

For more information on chains click here

Where is the closest place to stay? select-arrow

Marysville is the closest town to Lake Mountain. Located just a short thirty-minute drive from the top of the mountain, this beautiful little town offers a wide array of accommodation, with options suitable for all situations.

Head to our accommodation page to check out all available accommodation in Marsyville or give Marysville Visitor Information, and regional arts a call on 03 5963 4567. 

Will I need wheel chains if I am planning to drive to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort? select-arrow

On occasions, due to heavy snow fall, it is necessary to carry and fit snow chains to two-wheel drive vehicles or engage 4×4 or engage snow conditions on all wheel drive vehicles where directed. Please know your vehicle’s requirements prior to heading to the snow. Check out the daily snow report before you leave in the morning  on the home page for chain requirements for two-wheel drive vehicles or contact the resort directly on 03 5957 7201.

Traffic advisory signs are also located at Marysville where chains can be hired. Chain days are called The day before where possible. Alpine conditions can change quickly and if necessary chain days may be called on the day.

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