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Mountain Bike Safety


Our Lake Mountain trail crew complete trail checks every Friday to ensure all trails are safe before the weekend riders sweep through. Reports are posted on our social media accounts with the current trail conditions. Not only do our ‘trail faires’ just ride the trail, they stop to move large rocks, sticks, branches and chainsaw trees that have fallen. If you notice a tree has fallen, please report the location to us, so we can clear it as soon as possible.We work hard to maintain our trails to mitigate accidents from occurring.

Saftey Equipment

Mandatory equipment to wear when riding:
-Australian Standard approved helmet
-In-closed footwear

Recommended equipment for the Cascades MTB trail:
-Eye wear
-Elbow protection
-Knee protection
-Full Face helmet (optional)

Other things to bring:
-Snake bandage
-Adequate water
-MTB Multi tool
-Trail map
-Mobile phone (incase of an accident call 000)

Bike Standards

Minimum bike requirements
-Front and rear working disc brakes
-Front suspension (dual suspension highly recommended for the Cascades trail)

Pre-ride checklist

1. Clean and lubricate your chain
2. Check your tire pressure
3. Bolt check
4. Test the wheels are spinning straight
5. Ensure the handle bars are secure and inline
6. Test front and rear brakes are working
7. If riding an e-bike, check if the battery is fully charged

Look after yourself

The main aim for everyone is to mountain bike and have fun. When mountain biking always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are inherent risks in all mountain bike recreational activities. Common sense, protective equipment and personal awareness can reduce risk. These risks include weather, visibility, surfaces as well as natural and artificial hazards such as rocks, trees, stumps, machinery and other equipment.

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The resort is staffed from 8am to 4pm year round.
Winter: Open Thursday-Monday 8am-4pm
Summer: Open 24/7