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Rules and Regulations


Play nice

Snow play guidelines

It is recommended that large groups coming for snow play are divided into smaller more manageable units for the day with individual teachers responsible for a specific group of students. This will ensure group numbers can be checked regularly. Schools are responsible for managing the safety needs of their students in a public space. Schools are encouraged to pre-book a safety talk on snow play with a Ski Patroller if they are unclear about communicating safety considerations with their students.

Toboggan Rules


No Standing

Toboggan Guidelines

  • Toboggan only on designated Toboggan runs.
  • Use only moulded plastic Toboggans.
  • Only sit or kneel according to Toboggan design.
  • Standing on Toboggans is not permitted.
  • Snowboards, Skis, Snowbikes, Tubes, Plastic Bags and Sleds are not permitted.
  • One person per Toboggan.
  • Do not form trains.
  • Walk uphill on the side of run only.
  • For everybody’s safety, do not walk up the middle of the Toboggan run.

Moulded plastic toboggans only

Moulded plastic toboggans only at Lake Mountain and all other Victorian Resorts (Alpine Resorts Regulation 15.2)

These toboggans are available for on-mountain rental.

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