Cafe open daily during School Holidays & Easter, Adventure Activities running from April 6th to 22nd, 9am to 4:30pm. Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday at 11am. Resort will be closed on Anzac Day 25th April.

Facts and Figures

Lake Mountain was named after George Lake, who was the Surveyor-General of the area including the mountain. There is no lake at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort.

  • Highest point (Hut Trail): 1480 metres
  • Lake Mountain summit: 1433 metres
  • Base altitude: 1340 metres
  • Snow Season Opening: Queens Birthday Weekend
  • Skiable area: 2400 ha
  • Trail network: 37km of ski/walking trails
  • Bjarne K Dahl Memorial Boardwalk: 200 metre all ability access; located at Snowy Hill
  • Toboggan slopes: 3 in total – Village Run, Koala Creek and Leadbeaters
  • Adventure Activities  240m flying fox, tube run, laser skirmish*  
  • Mountain Bike Trails: 20 kilometres single track for beginner to advanced riders

Water Supply
The water supply at lake Mountain Alpine Resort is drawn from the Echo Flat area of the ski trails. This is the headwaters of the Taggerty River ad an unprotected catchment. Under provisions 6 of the Safe Drinking Act, the Minister for Health has declared the water not suitable for drinking. Bottled water is available in the Lake Mountain Cafe.

Visitors are reminded that pets are not permitted at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort.

Camping is only permitted in certain areas at lake Mountain. It is a requirement that an ‘Intentions for overnight campers’ form is filled out at the resort administration office prior to camping.

In the summer months on days forecast Code Red Fire Danger, the resort will be closed for public safety. Please check by calling 131 963 or visit

Mobile phone coverage is with Telstra 4G.

* Operation of the flying fox, tube run and laser skirmish are all subject to weather conditions.