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Top 4 Things to do in Marysville

August 23rd, 2019

We are so lucky to have this magical town at the bottom of our little mountain. Marysville is a quaint town in the Yarra Valley, with some amazing people and fantastic businesses, here’s just a few of our favourite things to do in Marysville.

It’s a 2 hour drive from Melbourne, so you’ll either need your own car or hire a car. The trip to Marysville is stunning, with winding roads that take you deep into nature. If you’re a fan of gin, a cheeky stop over a Four Pillars gin in Healesville is a must.

There’s plenty of Marysville attractions, some are well known, and some are easy to drive by. So we suggest, you slow down, pull over and visit one of Melbourne’s most historically rich filled towns.

Marysville Country Bakery

1. Cafe Strip

I mean where do we start. There are a few fantastic places to get a coffee and a great feed. If you love your homemade pies and sausage rolls there an amazing, huge old bakery style cafe, that is everything you could want and more. Plenty of places to stop, relax, stretch your legs and, of course, meet the welcome and always happy locals.

wooden art sculpture

2. Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden

If you’re an art lover then Bruno’s Art is a must visit. This is almost a see to believe garden and art show, so please do yourself a favour and check this out. The garden is an attraction unique to itself, it’s utterly calming, charming and in the words of most that have visited, stunning. Arguably one of Marysville’s most visited attractions.

Most of Bruno’s garden and art was destroyed in the 2009, Black Saturday bushfire. Bruno was lucky to survive the fire and chose to stay in Marysville to rebuild his beautiful sculpture garden. There’s a small fee of $10 on the weekend and $5 during the week, Bruno is usually there and just a great guy to chat to. Highly recommend.

steavenson falls

3. Steavenson Falls

This is probably Marysville most visit attraction and is one of those things to do in Maryville that you just have to tick off your list. Located here, and the car park costs $3 (bring change), then it’s a 700 metre walk to the viewing platform, if you feel like more of a hike, you can walk from the town centre which will take between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your level of fitness and how fast you walk. I must say, it’s a nice walk from the town, but pack some water and food for snacks. Once you are at the base you can take all the photos and videos you need to social prove you were there. If you want to up the ante, we suggest you take the long and at times steep walk to the Keppel Lookout. If you are feeling a little lazier (which is ok to admit), you can also drive to this lookout. Weekends can get busy, so if you want a more relaxed experience with less people, I would suggest check this out on a weekday.

Gallipoli Park

4. Gallipoli Park

After you have pulled over, got a coffee, cold drink and some food, you will find Gallipoli Park right at the end of the town centre. This is a nice family experience, which has a nice easy walk, a playground for the kids right next to the river with swings, flying fox and more. There is plenty of shaded areas. and if you have packed a lunch, a clean, fresh air breathing spot to create the perfect picnic for your family, friends and/or loved ones. Gallipoli Park also has a BBQ area, make sure you clean up after yourself. Also, if you like to fish or watch people fishing (it’s relaxing not creepy), it’s a great spot for it.

There’s plenty more things and attractions in Marysville to get amongst. Here are 4 no brainers and activities that you and your guests will enjoy doing. This can all be done before you come up our little mountain or after you have had your big day on our little mountain.

Image credits:
Marysville Country Bakery
Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden
Steavenson Falls
Gallipoli Park

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