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Things to do during summer at Lake Mountain

December 8th, 2020
From exciting activities for the adrenaline junkie to nature-based guided adventures we have something for everyone.

At Lake Mountain, we’re all about creating memorable experiences that are tailored to your needs. That’s why we offer year-round activities for families, groups and individuals to enjoy.

Lake Mountain is Melbourne’s closest Alpine Resort, only a 22km drive from the picturesque Marysville township. Although the snow has melted and we’ve headed into summer, our little mountain still provides family fun activities all year round – ensuring that at Lake Mountain you can always fit a lot into a big day.

So let’s dig a little deeper into our green season activities.


Mountain Bike Trails

Lake Mountain is home to some of the best Mountain Bike Trails in Melbourne, suitable for both experienced riders and beginners.

For the thrill-seekers, the Cascades trail features over 30km of single-track adventure that takes you all the way from the Resort Village through to Marysville. Or, if you’re truly looking to push yourself, the 22km ascent to the Lake Mountain Alpine resort from Melbourne CBD is part of the 7 Peaks Challenge. This trail twists and turns itself up steep hills that offer spectacular views. Reaching the top of the spur and arriving at the Cathedral Ranges will be your greatest reward.

There are hours of fun to be had and trails to explore, even if you’re a beginner mountain bike rider. What’s more? We even have mountain bikes for rent, starting from just $25 for half the day.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more family fun adventure, our cross-country ski trail is open during our green season and makes for a beautiful ride. With over 35km of trail to follow, all there is for you to do is relax, enjoy and take in the beautiful surroundings.


Bushwalks and Boardwalks

Lake Mountain offers an extensive number of well marked, well-maintained hiking trails that makes exploring these beautiful mountains an easy activity the whole family will love.

Summit Walk

If you’re thinking of taking your family along with you, we recommend the Summit Walk. You can choose from an 800 metre walk to The Summit or a 5km (return route). Easily making it one of our most popular trails.

Snow Gum woodland, Alpine Ash and Mountain Hickory Wattle will be seen in abundance along the trail, all of which were severely burnt in the 2009 bushfires. Remarkably, Lake Mountain has regenerated itself over time, and over 90 species of plant life have been identified since the fires. This event has added even more history to the land, making it a truly special experience.

We recommend stopping to appreciate your surroundings once you reach Marysville lookout, just before you reach the top of the summit. The view is magnificent!

Once you reach the top of the summit it’s an easy stroll through Snow Gum woodland leading you to a wonderful view of the Victorian Alps and Jubilee Ridge.

Echo Flat Walk

One of the best ways to experience the true beauty of Lake Mountain’s terrain is by taking the Echo Flat Walk. Lake Mountain Village will be your starting point, and soon after you’ll enter into the Snow Gum woodland.

Once you reach the top of the hill you’ll arrive at Snow Gauge. A spectacular viewpoint that allows you to look out across the headwaters of the Taggerty River and the Echo Flat heathland and moss beds. Whilst this land remains beautiful in every season, summertime is definitely our favourite. That’s when the wildflowers begin to bloom.

There is an abundance of trails to explore at Lake Mountain. We recommend finding out about what appeals to you most.

lake mountain biking trail

Dual Flying Fox

What better way to view the beautiful alpine scenery than from above? Our Dual Flying Fox is a popular attraction amongst families. Covering over 240 meters of stunning terrain, this year-round activity is a must.

Tube Run

Slide and spin down our 100m run in one of our giant inflated tubes as many times as you like!

Our guides are there to ensure you’re safe and enjoying yourselves.

The scenery at Lake Mountain is exceptional from every angle and it will not be lost while you’re heading down the tube run. With the mountainous Alps as your backdrop, there really is no downside to this experience.

You can choose to go down alone or double up with your kids. Either way, it will have both of you seeking the next ride.

a boy standing with a laser skirmish gun ready to shoot at a target

Laser Skirmish

Laser Skirmish is similar to paintball, only without the impact. The perfect thrill-seeking adventure that’s fun for the whole family (especially the kids). This combat sport uses a high-tech laser tagger that fires an invisible infrared beam of light, each tagger letting off awesome sound effects during firing and once you’ve been hit. It will have you running through the bushes for hours and will easily keep your team entertained.

Stay COVIDSafe this summer by staying up to date on the latest physical distancing and restrictions via the https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/ website.

a group of people walking up the mountain outside during summer

Guided Wildflower Walks

Our guided wildflower tours take you through fire-affected areas, where you have the opportunity to see spectacular regeneration take place.

Along the way you’ll come across an abundance of eye-catching colours, featuring many different species of wildflowers. Our guides will be there to talk through each of the different species you come across, as well as the plant’s main purposes, including medicinal properties.

If you’d like to get a head start, then check out our blog on native plant species at Lake Mountain where you’re sure to learn a little more about the native plant life that resides here.


Orienteering is a fantastic group activity that puts your navigational skills to the test. At Lake Mountain, we have various routes for visitors to try out, including beginner, and advanced tracks that allows you to go at your own pace.

If you’re looking for team-building experience, then we recommend orienteering. It helps to promote communication, lateral thinking, leadership and teaches people to work as a team to solve the problem at hand.

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