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How To Play Laser Tag: Our Top 10 Tips To Win The Game

May 19th, 2020
What Is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag (skirmish) is a recreational shooting sport where participants of the game use infrared-emitting light to tag their targets (aka opponents) in order to win the game.

Whether you’re playing laser skirmish for a little friendly competition, or because you’re wanting to be the king of the hill, these few strategies will definitely help your chances of success.

1. What to wear to laser tag

One of the easiest ways to get ahead of your opponents in laser tag is to wear the right clothing. The last thing you want is to rock up to the laser tag arena dressed in bright clothing, you’re basically giving the game away before it’s even started.

We recommend wearing darker colours such as blacks, or navy blues when going to laser tag. This will help you blend into the background, and become almost ‘invisible’ to your opponent.

We suggest you pair your ninja styled attire with a pair of your favourite running, or sports shoes. This will allow you to be nimble on your feet and run away quickly if you’re under attack.

2. Learn the layout of the laser tag arena

No matter how good your aim is, if you leave yourself out in the open you’ll be a sitting duck. This is why it’s so important to find the perfect vantage point and learn the layout before heading into battle.

Ideally, you won’t want to leave your back exposed as it gives your opponents a wide berth of opportunity to attack from behind. Wedging yourself between a barrier, to protect your back and only leaving one side of you exposed, is usually your safest option. Or, if possible, try to get to higher ground. This allows you to see more of your opponents, making it harder for them to take cover and giving them a smaller target to shoot back at.

3. It’s all about your aim

It’s important to have a clear line of sight that allows you to monitor your opponent’s movements. This way you will constantly stay one step ahead and be able to move to a safer position if need be.

Keeping one finger on the trigger ensures that you will be ready to shoot at any moment, so if someone jumps into your line of vision you will have the upper hand.

You’ve surely heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. Well, this nugget of wisdom also applies to Laser Skirmish. Your aim won’t improve if you have only let off a handful of shots, so it’s important to constantly check your aim, take a shot, and give it another go if you miss.

4. Don’t stop shooting

During laser skirmish, to “hit” your opponent you must hit one of the laser sensors attached either to their gun or to their body. If no amount of practice is helping you hit your opponents, then get trigger-happy and just shoot continuously at their sensor, shifting your aim slightly to cover their torso and above. Who knows – maybe if you’re successful with this strategy you’ll be viewed by your enemies as a force to be reckoned with!

5. Keep on your toes

Unless you have consciously decided to set up shop in one area of the arena, it’s a good idea to stay on your toes. A stationary target is much easier to hit than a moving one. Do keep in mind though that you don’t want to be sprinting around everywhere trying to dodge every shot that may come your way, as this will just tire you out and rapidly decrease your aim.

If you’re not wanting to move much throughout the game and camping is more of your style, then find a corner to lay low in and wait for your opponents to walk directly into your firing line.

6. Split Up

Naturally we all feel safer traveling in a pack, but if your whole team ends up trying to go everywhere together, the likelihood of you getting picked off one by one increases dramatically. This is because it’s harder to get away discreetly, and the more people found within the direct path of the shooter, the easier their target becomes for the shooter to hit.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t look out for your team. After all, you do want to WIN, so it’s important to have each other’s back. You’re going to need to work together and overwhelm your enemies with double the firepower.

7. Stay low

If your knees are still okay and you’re not currently dealing with arthritis or a hip replacement, then getting down low may just be your saving grace. Staying low makes it harder for people to spot you, allowing you to move into a position to strike.

Children are lucky in this case as they’re usually short enough to stay below eye level, making a sneak attack a lot easier to carry out.

8. Pick off the easy ones

Even though you probably regard yourself as quite the expert after reading this blog, there will definitely be players out there that are better at the game than you. Don’t fret, we have some tips for you to overcome this as well.

Do you see any children running around, hiding out in the corners? What about the oldies that can’t quite get to their hiding spot quick enough?

While you might read this as a little evil, I promise this will change as soon as you’re in that arena. No mercy will be shown, so you may as well get as far in the game as you can, right? It will make you feel better too if you walk out with a few wins up your sleeve – and boosts the confidence for next time.

At the end of the day, Laser Skirmish is a fun family activity for everyone to get involved in. We hope these tips and tricks have furthered your confidence and that you’re ready to put your new-found skills to the test.

If you’re keen to take part in a game of Laser Skirmish at Lake Mountain, get in touch for more information. While laser skirmish is typically an outdoor activity, here at Lake Mountain we have an indoor course that we set up on inclement weather days. So no matter what, you can join in on the fun!

9. Rest During Breaks

If there’s one thing we can all but guarantee in a game of laser tag it’s that you’re going to get hit at some point or another. Don’t be afraid to use this recharge time to have a break, hydrate and think of a game plan before heading back into the game. You’ll be more valuable to your team members that way.

10. Work As a team

Laser tag is the perfect team-building sport, as it encourages communication, team tactics and trust. The better the team, the higher the chances are that you’ll walk away winners. Which is why we suggest working together to protect each other during the game, and putting together a plan of attack before heading into the field to ensure that you have a back up plan should things go south!

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