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How To Build The Perfect Snowman (10 Easy Steps)

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May 16th, 2022

Snow is A LOT of fun. From snowball fights to snow angels and skiing, there are plenty of activities created by a downpour of fresh powder. However, one of the options at the top of this list is building a snowman!

This is not an activity that many Australians get to do, but when the snow is just right at Lake Mountain, you can tick it off your bucket list! But, first, you need to know how to build a snowman, an enjoyable project for the whole family. We’ve compiled ten easy steps to ensure the perfect snowman construction. You and the family will be expert builders in no time!

Step 1: Time Your Trip to Lake Mountain Perfectly

Before we can build a snowman, we need the right kind of snow. Historically, the snowiest week at Lake Mountain is at the start of August. That’s not to say you can’t build a snowman at other times; this is just the sweet spot! We make snow all winter so there is always some to play with.

Step 2: Find a Flat Spot

Snowmen aren’t very quick on their legs, so the ideal spot for their creation is very flat. If possible, you also want to find somewhere with some shade. The last thing you want is to have built the perfect snowman, only for it to slowly melt away when the sun hits.

Step 3: Choose The Finest Snow

Assuming we have had some wonderful snowfall, and you have the pick of the bunch in terms of snowman construction materials, your best bet is finding the most pliable and workable snow. We don’t want anything to dry as it won’t stick properly, and snow that is too frozen won’t be malleable enough to mould into the right shapes. Instead, find some easily packable powder that is not too fluffy that it falls apart.

a kid wearing snow gloves holding a snowball

Step 4: Start Rolling

While you most certainly can get creative with your snowman’s look and shape (we encourage it), let’s start with how to build a classic snowman. The traditional snowman shape features three spherical sections, all of which are stacked vertically.

The most significant section forms your snowman’s base or “legs” at the bottom. This will be a large rolled ball with a flattened top and bottom so it can sit steady and hold the second piece. The next snowball goes on top and should be slightly smaller than your base.

However, before we move up too high, let’s focus on the bottom section. The best way to form a large snowball is to start rolling it across the ground, packing it tightly as you go. Always roll in different directions to ensure a round shape and when it is big enough, place it in your chosen spot. Pack some extra snow around the base of the first section to keep it in place.

Step 5: The Middle Section

The middle section, or torso of your snowman, needs to be slightly smaller than your base. Keep in mind that you’ll actually have to lift this section onto the base! Complete the same process you used to create the base, stopping when you reach a slightly smaller size, then lift it onto the bottom section. Centre it accordingly, so your snowman is standing nice and straight.

Step 6: Getting a Head

We have the body; now we need the head! To create the head, you’ll need to repeat the above steps to build one final snowball, the smallest of the lot. You may even be able to create this one in your hands instead of rolling it along the ground (depending on the size of your snowman). Then, when you are happy with the shape, place it on top of the snowman’s body and scoop some extra snow to pack around each section to increase the sturdiness of your snowman (it can get windy up here).

Important note: The size of your snowman doesn’t really matter, and bigger isn’t always better! Success (especially for kids) comes with the understanding that all snowmen are good, regardless of size. The smaller ones will likely be around for long!

a snowman wearing a scarf and a beanie

Step 7: Giving Your Snowman a Face

Why the blank face, Mr snowman? This is the fun part of building a snowman; the decorating! This is the time to let your creativity really shine! We recommend avoiding the classic carrot and coal and making your snowman a little more interesting. Your snowman definitely needs a nose, eyes, mouth, and arms, but the expression, stance and make-up of these are up to you! Explore Lake Mountain to find some cool sticks, leaves and other bits that have fallen to the ground for a unique look.

Step 8: The Perfect Winter Outfit

Once your snowman can see what is going on, it’s time to style him. This can mean a hat, scarf, or giant t-shirt that says “I love Lake Mountain” – whatever you like! There is no wrong way to decorate a snowman, and we’re willing to bet you’ll get a thumbs up from your snowman for whatever you choose (unless you flip his arm around).

Step 9: Run a Fun Check

Snowman-making is all about getting out and having fun. We recommend running a fun-check at this point and continuously throughout the above process to make sure everyone is having a great time. Remember, while there are some steps (like the ones above) to ensure you make a sturdy snowman, there are no rules! Get as wild and creative as you like.

Step 10: Do It All For The 'Gram

Now that your snowman is finished snap some pics and share them with your friends to immortalise this amazing creation! While your snowman won’t last forever, your memories (and pictures) will. Get ready for the group shot!

Building Snowmen & Having Fun at Lake Mountain

If building a snowman sounds like an absolute must-do activity for you and your family, we have great news for you! Lake Mountain offers the closest snow to Melbourne for quick access to the best snowman building conditions.

There is always plenty to do on the mountain, and our alpine resort is just two hours’ drive from the CBD. We have over 35 km of world-class cross country skiing trails, amongst a range of other activities for first-time visitors to the snow. Lake Mountain makes it easy for people of any age and ability to enjoy the experience of an outdoor adventure year-round. So, pay us a visit, and let’s get building!

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