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Cyclist’s Guide to Lake Mountain

February 16th, 2021
stunning view of lake mountain mountain bike track
Looking for jagged terrain with large boulders as your challenge, or wanting to exhaust your legs climbing a steep hill to witness spectacular views

Whether you’re a road cyclist wanting to start the journey from the city to Lake Mountain or a daring mountain bike rider wanting to endure the testing terrain lake mountain offers, you won’t be disappointed.

So if you’re looking for jagged terrain with large boulders as your challenge, or wanting to exhaust your legs climbing a steep hill to witness spectacular views, why not make the trip to the Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, where there’s something to do all year round.*

stunning view of lake mountain mountain bike track

The 7 Peaks Cyclist’s Challenge to Lake Mountain for Road Cyclists

Victoria’s 7 Peaks challenge is a ride-at-your-own-pace event that used to occur every year. While this may not be an official event any more cyclists are still encouraged to ride all 7 peaks to personally challenge themselves! Are you up for it?

If you haven’t faced a challenge like this before then we highly recommend you come prepared before hitting the trail. Discover our mountain bike clothing beginner’s guide for more information.

Lake Mountain is the first peak to conquer, a 21km ascent that starts at a picturesque township known as Marysville and continues through to the Lake Mountain Summit. The next 6 Peaks to conquer are Mt Buller, Falls Creek, Mt Buffalo, Dinner Plain, Mt Baw Baw and Mt Hotham.

Marysville is a charming place to begin your journey and a major hot spot for cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts. This little village was nearly lost due to the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009, suffering severe fire damage. Thankfully, regeneration and rebuilding has transformed this little town back into the beauty it once was. Being a mere 1hr, 40 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD, the magnificent views, waterfalls and trails available to visit make the journey that much more memorable.

The Journey To The Summit

The first 4.5km of the climb from Marysville is truly testing, reaching grades of up to 10% along Robley Spur. Whilst it’s a grueling start to the track, it’s also the steepest hill you will face until you reach the top of the Summit.

Before long the Road track gradually descends to a more gentle terrain, allowing you the opportunity to relax and soak in the views that only get more impressive as you climb. Once you reach the top of the spur you will have a panoramic view of the cathedral ranges below, a truly spectacular sighting that makes it all worth it.

Cascade’s Trail for Mountain Bike Riders

Lake Mountain Cascade trail is a single-track adventure that takes you from the resort Village all the way to Marysville, over 30km of thrilling terrain. The trail is lined with magnificent views of native Australian trees and certain areas feature a shared path by walkers and mountain bikers alike.

Spectacular in any season, the Cascades Trail welcomes outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy its beauty.

In the winter the trail is thick with snow, giving you the opportunity to head on a guided tour on foot. There are pit stops along the way that allow you to stop and take in your surroundings, enjoy a picnic with the family or just catch your breath.

Whether you’re new to Mountain Bike riding or you’re a veteran of sorts, we’re positive you’ll enjoy yourself. If road cycling is for you and you’re brave enough to make the trip from the city, then we can’t wait to hear about your journey once you reach us! However, if cycling isn’t for you don’t stress, there are plenty of family fun activities to discover at Lake Mountain.

Stay COVIDSafe this summer by staying up to date on the latest physical distancing and restrictions via the https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/ website.

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