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6 Reasons Why Mountain Biking is Better Than Road Biking

January 21st, 2020

We firstly wanted to highlight that we love both mountain biking and road cycling the same, but it just so has it, that we at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort have arguably some of the best mountain biking in Melbourne. If you love to mountain bike, then we urge you to come up and try and trails, we know once you have been here once, you will come back again and again. We have a great mountain bike community and we’d love you to be a part of it.

It’s worth noting that we have a full time trails team working every day to answer all your questions. Our trails team is always updating our trails to make sure they are in peak condition and we’re always adding new features, so no ride will be the same.

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1. No Cars

Yep, this is an obvious one but a good one to highlight. We all know one of the main issues with road cycling is cars and the safety issues with riding on roads. The best thing about mountain biking is you don’t have to consider cars, it’s just you in the elements.

2. Better for your health

Whilst road cycling is great for your fitness we just think riding in mountains is better than being stuck next to C02-emitting cars. Nothing worse than being stuck behind a truck or in a traffic jam and you’re trying to catch your breath, instead of breathing in beautiful fresh air you get exhaust fumes into your lungs. Gross.

3. Quiet & Relaxing

Yep, even when you’re flying around our mountain, there’s something more relaxing about being out in nature and not having to fight against other cyclists or car drivers. Typically riding on the road is quite competitive whereas mountain biking whilst very serious, is more relaxing and fun, especially when you are there with your friends.

4. Falling doesn’t hurt as much

Who would have thought that falling on dirt wouldn’t hurt as much as pavement, not me. Wipeout’s happen on both road and mountain, we just know that on a mountain the stacks don’t hurt as much as gravel rash.

5. A harder workout

For those deciding between what is a better workout, mountain biking is a clear winner here. Not only do you ride a fair distance but you are using more muscle types than a normal long-distance road cycling day. With mountain biking there are more obstacles which requires both breaking, burst of energy and the bikes are typically heavier, which, overall makes for a much harder workout.

6. Adrenaline

Sure, road cycling can get your heart racing as you are picking up some serious speed + on constant car alert, but, try to go 1/4 that speed on a steep, rocky, exposed slope that is covered with the mud or picking up speed to take a jump into a tight hair pinned corner. Most of the time mountain bikers are unsure of what is around the corner, so naturally the adrenaline high is both higher and longer for mountain bikers.