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COVID-19 updated

Emergency management planning

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

8th September 2021

Alpine messages
Today’s announcement will lift lockdown in regional Victoria and we are excited to welcome back our guests from Friday 10 September.

We ask that regional visitors follow the government guidelines, provide photo ID and a negative COVID test result at resort entry for checking.

All visitors 12 years and over entering an Alpine Resort must present a negative COVID test in the 72 hours prior to entering the resort.

Workers are highly recommended to take a COVID test prior to arrival at the resorts.

Stay at home requirement:

• no stay at home requirement

• removal of 5km travel limit Intrastate travel limit: • allowed across regional Victoria

• movement between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria restricted to specified purposes: • necessary goods and services (provided facility is closest facility to place of residence) • care or compassionate reasons (including bubble buddy/ intimate partner/) • authorised work/education • other specified reasons e.g. moving home


  • Face coverings (masks) must be carried at all times and must be worn indoors and outdoors except if at home, or when visiting an intimate partner’s place of residence or if an exemption applies.
  • It is recommended that primary school age children wear masks indoors and outdoors, except at home or if an exception applies


  • Transport will be provided where it is essential to support authorised activities in the directions: e.g. supporting resort guests to leave the resort for the purpose of returning home.
  • Tour transport will cease.

Private gatherings: Not permitted, intimate partner visits / single person bubble permitted

Public gatherings: Permitted for up to 10 people

More information can be found at:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria | Coronavirus Victoria

Emergency Management Planning

at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

Southern Alpine Resort Management Board has a responsibility to plan, respond and assist with recovery in the event of an emergency affecting its community. A Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee has been established and produced a Municipal Emergency Management Plan in conjunction with the Victoria State Emergency Service and pursuant to the Emergency Management Act 1986 and Emergency Management Act 2013.

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan for Southern Alpine Resort Management Board has been developed for Lake Mountain and Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resorts to meet the legislative requirements.

The aim of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan is to detail the agreed arrangements for the planning, prevention, response and recovery from emergencies that could occur in the Lake Mountain and Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resorts. This includes:

  • Ensure that emergency management is organised within a structure that facilitates planning, preparedness, operational coordination and community participation;
  • Implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies;
  • Manage arrangements for the utilisation and implementation of resources in response to emergencies;
  • Manage support that may be provided from adjoining municipalities and other agencies;
  • Assist the affected community to recover following an emergency; and
  • Complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements.

For your copy, access via this link.

For further information on emergencies, contact [email protected]

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